Tuesday, October 5, 2010

A Loser is a Winner...Nulo Week 9

Yay! Disco's down to 15# 7 ounces!!! Now, I know some of you might also notice that he's also not sporting his 'Body Beard' either and might think...well, he probably lost 5 ounces of fur, but he weighed in BEFORE I shaved him down, so it's real weight loss! Yay!

Just as the experts at Nulo said, just persevere and if I want him eating more canned, feed less dry and being hungry will convince him. And I know since there's less carbs in canned, that is what I would prefer for all my cats to be on anyway.

He has a funny way of eating the canned, lap lap lap and I noticed he was pushing the paper plate across the floor and at least to me, that looks real frustrating---having to chase your food around.

So I put the paper plate on a stoneware plate and it holds it in place pretty well. When I am at home, I just feed him about a tablespoon of wet food whenever he appears, so it stays moist and fresh (I have been told never to leave canned food out for more than 4 hours as bacteria can start to contaminate it). And I feed him 1/8 cup of dry maybe 4 times a day, as he sometimes has to share a meal when the other cats come running in.

AND this week, I have been stairclimbing him for 5 minutes every night before I go to bed and he just loves it, and watching him makes me smile, too. I can't wait until he is slim again and can enjoy recreational activities to the fullest!

As the folks at Nulo say, you have to get your pet to Move It, Move It because exercising and eating right goes for pets too, so they can lose that excess baggage, while keeping their body and mind fit. By coupling exercise with a good feeding routine, you can alleviate your pet’s insulin resistance, reducing visceral fat—the dangerous kind that collects on vital organs. Here's a cute AND informative video the Nulo people put together with Dr Khuly, who has the great blog, FULLY VETTED

We still have 3 weeks to go til this 12 week campaign is complete, although he didn't start his Simply Fit program til the week of August 8tH. So for me, he still has 4 more weeks to try and meet his 12# goal...and no matter how long it takes...We WILL do it and he WILL keep the weight off, because in reality it was ME that was overfeeding him, not the other way around!

Ps: By the way, I shaved Disco down for a couple of reasons...my petsitters had so much fun using the Zoom Groom on him and a Sphynx's fur is easily epilated (pulled out)so that he more or less resembled an ancient Persian Rug that had lost much of it's wool. Or that he had a medical condition called Alopecia Areata.

He was good for his grooming session and he did have very flaky skin under all that fur as Sphynx have a lot of skin oils anyway and the fur was compounding the greasy feel.

So he got a bath (in Aveeno bodywash as the oatmeal is soothing to the skin) and got a mani/pedi and ear cleaning too...boy did he smell sweet and he really struts around now--I think he feels good about himself now, hahameow!


  1. WTG Disco!! Weight loss is challenging, but you are doing it!! YAY!!

    Is it normal for a sphynx to grow hair over time?

  2. Wow! You certainly got the works didn't you?

  3. Well done Disco! The more you lose, the more active you will feel. I can't wait to get out for our walks now.

  4. Good going, Disco! I am proud of you.

  5. Congratulations Disco!!! That is great! Okay, Mommy wants to know what a Zoom Groom is?????

    Disco, you are just adorable.

  6. Disco my sweet one..good for you. Kisses on your newly shaven sweet smelling precious body.

    Admiral's Mom

  7. Yay Disco! You are looking good! We're so happy for you!

  8. I think that cat has Royal blood in him as he is getting treated like a King.

  9. Good job, Disco, glad to hear your diet is working; best of luck as you continue...We've missed you guys while Mom was busy moving us and hope all is well...We are having a special post tomorrow (Oct. 7) about Mommy's first baby, Nikki; hope you can visit...kisses, sweet friends...Calle, Halle, Sukki

  10. I hope you didn't shave him just 'cause I said "Look at that Woolly Cat". It was cute to see him fuzzy...

  11. I push my little melaline bowl around, so it goes in a ceramic kitty bowl an THAT stays in place...


  12. Yay Disco, and yay Teri for helping him get back on track! The weight loss thing is not easy, at all!

  13. Wow this is such an important message and Disco is doing so well!!!!

    We have to work a little on Yuji... He is a hoover....


  14. Disco we're pleased to hear you are doing so well on your diet. The more you run round the better you will feel.

  15. Good luck Disco!! We know you can do it.... About the moving food dish - think of it as a form of exercise!

  16. Well, that's wonderful news about Disco! Congrats. It's very hard work, especially if you expect him to run up and down the stairs with you.

    I know that wet food is better weight-wise, but I still think they need crunchies for their teeth. It so confusing trying to do the right thing.

  17. Diskers, you are starting to look even more handsome than you already are. Is that possible?
    We are so happy you are enjoying some fun on the stairs!

    bonks and bronks

  18. Awright, Dicso!! You're looking good!!


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