Saturday, October 9, 2010

Sickly Caturday...

Oh, how much can change in 48 hours when you have kittens around...

About a month ago, you might remember when Spot and Dot were about 8 weeks old, they had a tummy upset that had them vomiting curdled milk and having the 'squitters'. With sub q fluids, anti-nausea meds and antibiotics, they responded quickly and were back to normal within a few days.

Being sick did delay them getting their first vaccination, but 10 days later they were able to be vaccinated and they passed their exams with flying colors and in another week, they will get the next vaccine in their kitten series, along with a physical exam, too.

Well...the sickly one now is Fifi, with almost the same symptoms. So on my day off yesterday, I took her into work and her exam showed no tummy sensitivity, no diarrhea, no fever and her labwork (cbc, fecal smear) were normal. She had just had a negative fecal test run for all parasites and that was negative, too.

But she was a little dehydrated, and as she had vomited twice in 24 hours, she got fluids under the skin (ouch), an anti-nausea injection (really stings!) and she started on Amoxicillin. She is feeling better today, although she did vomit overnight so she got another injection today and while I can't give subq fluids to a kitten by myself, she is eating and I am also syringe feeding her a bland rx diet (a/d, Recovery) mixed with Pedialyte and she has kept that down today. If she has no more vomiting, she shouldn't need any more fluids under the skin...

I don't separate my momcats and kittens and just let them self-wean themselves (momcats usually tell them when they are tired of them nursing) but with this vomiting curdled milk thing and usually at night maybe while they are nursing more instead of playing...I am thinking I may separate them at night to hopefully prevent this from happeniing at this age.

This was the first time the vet had seen Fifi, as she isn't due for her first vaccination for another couple of weeks. And on her physical exam, she did hear a Grade II murmur on Fifi. It may be something she outgrows, or it could be something more serious. We will monitor her over the weeks ahead and if it gets doesn't go away, I will have her ultrasounded to see what is the cause for the murmur.

I heart scan all my breeding cats, and most murmurs are 'innocent' and nothing serious. But you can't tell by sound alone. When Brighton was a kitten, he had the same grade murmur and at 4 months I ultrasounded him and he had 3 leaky heart valves, but as he has grown, his murmur has disappeared and I haven't had him rescanned since he was a kitten, as he isn't a breeding cat and he has no symptoms of heart disease now.

But the family that he was promised to as a kitten were afraid to adopt him (they adopted his mother after I spayed her when I knew she had produced a kitty with this issue) and I am so glad he is in my life now and that he didn't 'leave home' as plannned way back then...

Here's some Saturday Caturday pix...we are all enjoying playing, napping with the windows open, feeling the breezes blowing and our Teri puttering around in the garden...


  1. Poor little FiFi! We will purr very hard that she is back to 100% soon, and that she outgrows her murmer.
    48 paws crossed!

  2. Aw, lots of purrs and healing Light for little FiFi, and hugs to Teri, who probably could use them!

  3. Purrs to little Fifi that she is soon better.
    About 3 months ago our mum went to the Human's vet and when she listened to her heart she thought she could hear a murmur. She arranged for our mum to have an echocardiogram and they saw that she has 2 leaky valves. They told her that they had most likely been like that since she was born. It only took them 59 years to discover it! They told her her heart had a good strong regular beat and not to worry about it. Mum said it was weird to watch her heart beating on the screen.

  4. Poor Fifi. It is hard to be sick when you are a kit. We will purr.

  5. Purrs to feeling better soon!

  6. Love the photos=they are all so precious, except the snake!...We hope Fifi feels better soon; best of luck with her, Teri...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  7. Purrs to Fifi - I hope she feels much better very soon!

    BTW, that lizard photo made me hungry.

  8. Poor little FiFi! We're purring for her

  9. Kisses to Fifi, I know she will be fine as she has the best mom right now! Also congrats to Disco for his weight loss!!! And glad you got a few photos of mama kitty, she is beautiful. Lucky she has Teri to feed her.

  10. Kittens are such fragile little creatures. We hope that Fifi is all better again very soon, and that her murmur will indeed disappear naturally. Either way, we know she is in the very best of hands.

  11. I'm here hoping to get everything right there with you!
    A kiss and a good Sunday!

  12. Get well wishes to the baby!!!!!

    I'll be checking on you.

  13. Be well precious Fifi. Mommy was gone till today so she didn't know and I didn't know so we could purr really hard.

    Purrs to you and your mommy's.

  14. We hope that FiFi gets to feeling better! Cool lizard! That last picture sure is pretty!

  15. Oh Sweet FiFi...we are purraying you gets better furry soon!!! The picture of all of you crammed in the tent is GRRR-8.

  16. Oh mommy has been so busy with Blizzie home, she forgot to check - thinking everything was just great over at the curlie swirlie house and now look what we missed!!!

    Poooor tiny teensy Fifi
    We are so glad that you, Missie CurlieTeri recognised the symptoms and took the little puff to her vetlady for a full check.
    I just know her heart will get better, just like Brighton's did. Fifi is a cutie pie and yes indeed we are very glad that Brightersonpants is there being the mancat and all around adorable guy.
    bonks to all


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