Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Disco's Diet...Week 10

Disco's dropped another 2 ounces on his Nulo food since his weigh-in last Tuesday!

And that's with me being gone for 3 days and my petsitter coming in to take care of the kitties! They said they are 'invested' in Disco's successful weigh loss program, too and every day they came in and 'exercised' him (twice a day, which is even better than my once a day routine).

They pulled out the laser light from the toy drawer and 'mixed up' his 'workout' routine with the light and the dragonfly and they said he was eager to race up and down the stairs and around the living room after the light. They did have to put the other kitties away though--as they were interfering with his 'aerobics', hahameow!

It is pretty amazing that even on Disco's way reduced calorie intake, he isn't pestering me to death about being hungry. And now that he is only eating a small amount of the dry he is eating more of the canned and I think as 'carb intolerant' as he seems to be, that combined with more exercise, he is starting to drop the weight.

As the folks at Nulo say, 'Encourage your pet to play for just a few minutes a day, slowly increasing the overall exercise time as your pet’s health improves. Older animals don’t have the endurance or interest in extended playtime, but will still benefit from short activities throughout the day'.

I really have noticed a difference in the past two weeks with Disco's 'endurance' improving when playing and although it's hard to tell from the photos, I think he feels less, ummmm, blubbery than at the start of his diet.

Here's his weigh-in photos over the past 10 weeks...










I am sure most of you are kinda chuckling because well, it's kinda hard to see much difference, except of course for the 'Nudity'...he already has a 5 o'clock shadow, hahameow...but you can see by the numbers on the baby scale that yes, he really is losing weight!

I know it's not much, but he also gets 1 Nulo Chicken Treat a night, after he gets his anxiety pill and while I am not sure he even has time to 'savor' it before he swallows it, I do feel good knowing that he is getting a 'nutritious' treat instead of 'junk food'. Once he's down to 12#, he can look forward to maybe having 3 treats, hahameow!

I am going to be away almost every weekend in November--delivering Spottie and Dottie to their new home in New Jersey; staying at a friends beach house the next weekend; a cat show the one after that and then there is Thanksgiving...

I am hopeful that with my petsitters help, that Disco won't 'fall off the wagon' (he'd bounce, I am sure) and that he will look more like a sausage and less like a pumpkin by 'Turkey Day'...


  1. Oh Disco, is your person making fun of you?!

  2. Hip hip hurrah for Disco! He'll play more now that he feels better, and he'll start to lose even more. Grayce sends Disco a high five!


  3. Disco..I am so glad to see you and learn about your progress. I've missed you and the kitties and your mom!


  4. Well done Disco! It is a long and slow process to lose weight safely in a cat, but with your help Disco is doing everything right and I'm sure will continue to see results :-)

  5. Every little bit helps! And with the exercize, it may speed up...

  6. Haha! The pumpkin picture made us laugh. Well done Disco on your weight loss.

  7. The pumpkin look is hilarious!!!
    Slowly goes so far!!! I hope Disco stay more healthy day by day! Kisses

  8. Yay! More progress for Disco! It's really better that he loses slowly anyway, and it's good that he has gotten a lot more active. I'm sure he'll do fine over the holidays - it's not like with humans, with a bunch of extra goodies always showing up!

  9. We did giggle at the pumpkin picture - we tried to be quiet so he didn't hear and need to comfort eat.
    Now he's moving better he'll probably shed some more weight quicker than when the diet started.

  10. MeeeeeYYyooouUUUWWWWW you gorgeous handsome stud! That Woman has a pic. she's going to post soon from me especially to YOU! Pumkin Pie never looked so good!

  11. ok; That Woman posted the picture I had taken just for MR. D.
    Ms. Stella O'Houligan
    come see!

  12. Disco very well done!
    My mommy needs to learn a lot with you and your VET friend about lost weight here...Hey it's not about myself but about HER weight in fact! LOL
    Love your pictures!Be always positive dear friend!
    Luna - WE LOVE LUNA

  13. Disco, you look great!
    I hope all of you have a fun week-end looking out the windows and watching some leaves fall!



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