Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Disco's Diet...another effin' Plateau

Oh...I'm not really 'effin' mad. I am happy...because I can already see a difference in Disco's 'enthusiasm' and activity level. I know, just like in humans when dieting, plateaus happen.

And part of it might just be due to the fact that Disco has decided he REALLY likes the Nulo Turkey canned food and he just might be eating more than 2.6 ounces twice a day that he is restricted to eating.

And all the other cats are now horning in on his 'special' food, and I know they sneak bites of his meals, so I have been feeding him a little more canned food to make up for that.

But he is only getting his 1/8 cup of dry twice a day and well, that's such a small amount that he goobles it up pretty darn quick!

I also got him a bag of Nulo Chicken Treats with the last order and well, he can only have one treat a day, and I know if he found the pouch, he'd eat the whole thing...he loves 'em!

I am happy about that too, as I had pretty much given up on finding a treat that all the cats liked and knowing this is a 'Good for You' treat makes me feel good, too.

I know when Disco's 12 weeks in the weight loss program comes to an end, that feeding Nulo will continue, for everyone in the house then and I can't begin to explain how confident that makes me feel--no worries about the quality or the ingredients or the safety of the food supply...Nulo's right on top of all that!

Providing my cats with optimal nutrition, appropriate portions, and plenty of exercise, in order to help him/her live a longer, healthier and happier life will be a 'Lifestyle' from now on!

And by making the commitment to participate in the Nu Campaign, I am also raising awareness about pet obesity and, through my participation, hopefully inspiring others to change how and what they feed their dogs and cats.

I am a vet tech at an all feline hospital and I help counsel our clients on nutrition and obesity, too. I have been spreading the word about Nulo and one couple who have 2 Furrydance Cornish Rex kitties from me are thinking of giving Nulo a try, too. Well, there are more reasons to give Nulo a try than not!

And because Disco looks so darned cute, racing up and down the stairs after his 'dragonfly' lure...I will have to get a friend to film it, maybe by next weeks 'Simply Fit' post!


  1. do you buy it in the pet stores or the vet or online? the mom says billy's turning into a blob and i'm getting fat and I barf up everything anyway, she might as well try it. - Miles

  2. We are sure he will start losin weight again soon. These plateaus happen...

  3. Oh EFFIN YA!!! BABY!!! Way to Go Mr. D!

    *sigh* I STILL say iffn' you were here I'd be chasin' yer sexxie behind all over da housE!

    Ms. Stella O'Houligan

  4. We still love you Disco. Just no cheating. And we love the kitten pics in the box....once again the package is more exciting than the contents.

  5. Disco, me and mommy are very very proud of you. You'll make it..just in your own time.

  6. I have been following a few of the kitties who are on the Nulo diet, and even though the weight loss is slow they are all saying such wonderful things about it. I am very tempted to try it with my cats, but they are just so darn picky I am afraid that it would be wasted - for now I will keep watching the progress of those of you who are trying it!

  7. Way to go Disco! We're happy you're getting back some pep in your step. You would NOT believe the difference in Grayce after she slimmed down. Mommy thinks a new cat teleported in!

  8. Even if you are stuck on another plateau Disco, being more lively is encouraging. Mum can't believe how much more lively I am since I lost some weight.

  9. Our Yellow Kitty has never been over weight, but by the time summer hits she has a large belly on her. The summer heat and being outside in the daytime slowly burns it off and she is skinny by the end of summer.Ready to tank up during the winter.

  10. The fact that Disco is more active is great, even though there was nothing lost at the last weigh-in! He probably just needs to have his food more strictly regulated again.

  11. I've not heard of this make. I've attended a few lectures by so-called cat diet experts and so far I say phewey to the lot of them. They sell food that has wheat or soya as a first ingredient!?! So much for obligate carnivore. There's too much marketing and too little regulation and consumer knowledge in the pet food industry.

    Glad that Disco is more active. Just don't let him near your credit card and PC or he'll be ordering junkfood online.

  12. Best of luck to Disco on the diet, although it's great he has more energy and is getting exercise...So glad to hear Fifi is feeling better and happy at home...xoxo...J, Calle, Halle, Sukki

  13. Plateaus are so discouraging. But don't worry! Mummy says that is just your body adjusting to your smaller weight... Mawhawhaw! Tell that to her, she is on a constant diet and always so discouraged by the stupid scales!
    Our little Yuji is on a diet and he seems to be getting better with all the new toys which he seems to love! We're going to switch to a raw food diet, we think, because we all feel a little bit bloated from the SD we currently eat!
    Good luck Disco!
    Purrrrs, Keiko, Kenji, Pricilla & Yuji

  14. Keep with it Disco! We have been following your progress and know you can do it! Keep running up and down those stairs!

    ~marley and reggie

  15. When all the other kitties are trying to sneak his diet food, you know you've found a winner. YAY!! Hooray for Disco. Boy, you've been battling sick little tummies for a while. So glad to hear things are on the mend for all. It's a good thing they have such a caring mommy. Hope YOU're doing well, too!


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